Cryptids of Kansas - Other Big Hairy Creatures

Posted by Flint Hills Paranormal on April 22, 2022


Lyon County - Bullsquatch...Minotaur??

On a beautiful summer weekend in June,2021, DB (initials) and his family traveled to Olpe Lake in Lyon County for a weekend of camping and fishing. The family had several odd things happen to them that weekend, but one of the oddest was a sighting they had while fishing. One they will never forget.

Strangely, a lady from across the lake rowed over to the family and asked if anyone would like to have a bobber. Ok, that is rather odd to have a stranger row across a lake to see if you want a bobber for your fishing line. Since they told the lady that they didn't need any bobbers, she then rowed back across the lake. Odder though, later that day, the family was having a great time fishing, laughing and doing camping things when they noticed movement in the tall grasses and brush across the lake where the strange bobber lady had rowed her boat back to the other side of the lake. Both the man and his wife thought that they were witnessing a bull or large cow coming down to the water to get a drink. As they watched the creature drink, it got up...on two feet, stared at them and disappeared back into the brush. The frightened and amazed couple had no idea what they had just seen. They described the imposing creature as around 6-feet tall, very heavily muscled, with dark fur, big horns and a very long tail.

Obviously, seeing something out of a monster movie had the couple pretty shook up, especially since they had children with them. They decided to continue camping though, cooked out and when everyone was tired, finally drifted off to sleep. In the middle of the night, they were awakened by a very deep guttural growl. They listened intently and heard it again. Thinking that the growl could have come from the creature they saw earlier across the lake, they decided for their safety, that they would pack up their fishing gear and other camping items and head home. Before they could pack all of their belongings into the car, they heard another growl, much closer to their camp site and a great deal louder. The couple rushed the children into the car and took off, fleeing for their lives. They rushed out of the area, heading home but left all of their fishing gear and belongings at the camp site, only to be retrieved during the light of day another time.

When DB got home, he began researching what this creature could have been on the internet. The closest possibility he could find was that the creature resembled the Minotaur from Greek mythology the closest. I find this fascinating as I haven't heard of a creature exactly like this. There is a Sheepsquatch creature reported in West Virginia that is described with fur and horns. Other creatures with fur and horns that have been reported are the Lake Worth Monster at Lake Worth, Texas, which was reported to be white in color; and the Goatman of the famous Goatman Bridge near Copper Canyon, Texas. Looks like a road trip is ahead!