Equipment Photos

digital voice recorders

Digital Voice Recorders

Used to obtain EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). Recorders without a great deal of filters are better. From $20 up.

full spectrum and digital cameras

Night Vision Cameras, video, full-spectrum and static cameras

There are a variety of cameras that are used in investigations, but the basics are a night vision video camera and digital camera with IR lights. Ranging from $50 for a digital camera; $80 for a video camera and on up, for the various cameras and applications.

thermal camera

Thermal Imaging

These cameras can be very expensive, but are used to locate heat/cold signals in a location. There are small units that fit into the Apple and Android phones around $150 to FLIR cameras, starting around $1500 and up.

dowsing rods

Dowsing Rods

These rods detect energy fields and can be used to communicate with spirits. These are inexpensive, starting around $15.

trigger objects

Trigger Props

These can be anything that could relate to spirits. Such things as dolls, balls, period music, etc., can be used at minimal cost.

emf meters

EMF Meters

There are a variety of these meters that can pick up Electrical Magnetic Frequency (EMF) and transmit this into a scale or sound. Some types are Ghost Meter, K-2 Meters, Tri-Field Meter, and many more. These range in price from $25 and up.

laser grids

Laser Grids

This is a laser light what has a pattern (grid) that can be displayed in an area. Things unseen can break the grid pattern and the movement can be seen. These range from a pencil grid, around $25 to electrical grids from $50 on up.

mel meter

Mel Meter

This is a meter that combines temperature, EMF and REM Pod functions. These start around $150 and up.



Pendulums are used to communicate with spirits through movement, but should be used with a holder so that subconscious activity does not influence the movement. These start around $10 and up.

360 cameras

360 Cameras

These cameras are capable of detecting motion in a 360 range and begin videoing the activity. They range from $75 and up.

multi room surveillance cameras

Multi-Room Surveillance Camera System

These cameras allow to have cameras in several areas/rooms at a time, and have the activity saved and observed on a monitor. These can range from $300 and up.

motion detectors

Motion Detectors

These detectors will alert if motion is detected in an area. They range from $10 and up.

spirit ghost box

Spirit/Ghost Box

This piece of equipment runs through radio frequencies to create a static where spirit voices can be heard. It is connected to a speaker and recorder to record any voices that come through. The Box and speaker start around $50.